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Welcome to AquaZoo

For security reasons, AquaZoo uses a maximum number of visitors per day. To monitor this maximum and to guarantee your visit, it is necessary to reserve online access to the park in advance.

Please note: this also applies to subscription holders, people who have bought a ticket (via an action partner) or who have won a ticket.

Unfortunately, we have had to close our doors again due to the national Corona measures. AquaZoo is closed from Tuesday December 15 to Monday March 15. Read the frequently asked questions here.

*This applies to all AquaZoo tickets already purchased / won & our partners: ANWB, Social Deal, Eurosparen Wintercampagne, Jumbo Extra’s, ING rentepunten en Lidl Funtrips.

Questions about your visit to AquaZoo?

We have already listed the most frequently asked questions about your visit to our park. View, among other things, which measures are taken to guarantee your safety in the park.

Ticket prices

Children under 3free
Day ticket€ 17,95
Online day ticket€ 15,95